Lucinda Timothy MAFS unfollowed

Erm, MAFS Australia’s Lucinda and Timothy have suddenly unfollowed each other!?

The post-MAFS friendship seems to be well and truly over

In genuinely shocking news, Married at First Sight Australia favourites Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith have seemingly ended their wholesome post MAFS friendship and a rift has emerged – the two have unfollowed each other on social media. Despite the fact Lucinda and Timothy never worked out romantically on the show, they have been up until now extremely vocal about how much love and respect they have for each other and how the two’s friendship that came from MAFS has meant so much to them. Now, though – the two have unfollowed each other and it seems the wholesome era of Lucinda and Timothy MAFS friendship is dead and buried.

The gossip account @mafs.reality on Instagram pointed out via two screenshots that neither Lucinda nor Timothy follow each other on Instagram anymore, and something happened in the post MAFS era that’s lead to them being unfollowed. I have personally gone to check if this is the case – and as of publishing the two definitely no longer follow each other.

So, what went wrong? It’s hard to say – but considering how close the two were it’s definitely really jarring that this has happened.

It wasn’t long ago that they were speaking daily. So Dramatic! reported Timothy and Lucinda called “daily” and saw each other “at least once a week.”

The source revealed at the time: “Lucinda and Timothy aren’t still together romantically but they are the best of friends. They catch up all the time for dinner, at least once a week, enjoy each other’s company and hang out as much as they can. They also speak on the phone daily, and Timothy confides in Lucinda a lot.”

It’s all bizarre!

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