Sabrina Carpenter new album everything we know

From vibes to release date: Everything we know about Sabrina Carpenter’s new album

About 10 more Espresso level bangers will do nicely

Do you know what happens when that silly little song you made about calling yourself a coffee and declaring that you’re working late because you’re a singer becomes a global smash? Becomes a song that goes viral in every sense of the word, tops the charts, never stops getting quoted and has people (aka, me) listening to it 30 times a day last month? It means you drop everything, get into the studio and lay down an album – and that’s exactly what Sabrina Carpenter very wisely did. She only dropped her last record Emails I Can’t Send in 2022, and when Espresso sneaked out earlier this year it was only because Sabrina “wanted to put out a little song before Coachella.” It’s her biggest hit, and this week Sabrina Carpenter announced her new album Short n’ Sweet will be released in just a few months, so here’s everything we know about it.

It’s out August 23rd!

Sabrina Carpenter very kindly announced her new album letting us know everything we need to plan for its arrival. If she dropped the album cover without telling me a date I’d have hit the roof. Sabrina is going to be seeing the summer out in gorgeous, sunset soaked style when Short n’ Sweet arrives on August 23rd. Will be spending the looming September relishing in its summer glow.

The cover has been wrapped up in drama

Sabrina’s album cover features a photo of her in front of a bright blue background, looking over her shoulder with a lipstick kiss mark, but hasn’t been credited to the original model of the Cosmopolitan France shoot.

French model, Tiffany Collier, who posed for the original shoot back in 2018 shared a photo of the spread on her Instagram, where she’s photographed looking over her shoulder with the same lipstick kiss stain. Captioning the post “Happy Valentine’s Day”, she tagged shoot photographer, Bruno Juminer, in the post.

The album runtime has been announced, and it’s quite short

Short n’ Sweet runs at a lean 36 minutes and 12 seconds, three minutes shorter than Emails I Can’t Send. That album had 13 tracks, so you can expect her sixth record to have similar – maybe a few less that are a bit longer.

Espresso is OBVS on there

I mean, why would it not be? Song of the MILLENNIA. Espresso fans will also be over the moon to hear the album is being executively produced by Julian Bunetta who also produced Espresso, so expect more goodies.

The next single is out THURSDAY!?!

The second single from the album that will inevitably follow in the footsteps of Espresso is called Please Please Please and it’s out on Thursday. I’m gonna collapse. Ignore the tweet above saying Friday, Ar Sabrina has now confirmed herself it’s coming tomorrow, 8pm. Let’s GO!

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