Dance Moms

Top of the pyramid! Take this Dance Moms quiz to find out which cast member you are

Are you more Maddie or Mackenzie?

Let’s be honest, Dance Moms is one of the most iconic TV series to ever grace our screens. Focusing on the lives of talented young dancers at the prestigious/evil Abby Lee Miller Dance Company Studio, we see the lives of Maddie, Mackenzie, Jojo, Nia and more as they compete for their lives under the watchful eye of the ruthless Abby.

The girls endure gruelling rehearsals, fierce competitiveness, and explosive arguments between their mothers. Bickers and altercations involving the ALDC mothers, Abby herself, rival studio owner Cathy of the Candy Apples, and mothers from rival studios, are frequently the catalysts for the turbulent drama of the show.

However, have you ever stopped to wonder, ‘Which Dance Moms girl am I most like?’ This quiz will give you the answer you need to this burning question. Will you prove to be more of a JoJo than a Brynn, or more Nia than Asia? Let’s dive in and see who’s top of the pyramid:

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