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Tori and Jack are charging fans a whopping $118 for a MAFS Australia meet and greet?!

You couldn’t pay me to shake his hand


Let’s be honest, if there was any MAFS Australia 2024 couple who are going to milk their time on the show to the max it’s Jack and Tori. And this has been no better proven than the fact they’re apparently charging fans an insane $118 Australian dollars (£69.79) each for a meet and greet.

So Dramatic! revealed that one fan posted on the Buy/Sell/Swap Everything Hervey Bay Facebook group to announce that Jack and Tori would be hosting a MAFS Australia 2024 fan meet and greet.

The post said: “Meet and Greet with MAFS stars Jack and Tori on their victory tour. My niece, who lives on the Gold Coast, is a client of Jack’s and has put me in touch with him, allowing me to organise this marvellous event.”

Via Facebook

They continued: “It will be held at the Seafront Oval, featuring live music and food. The entry fee is $30, and it costs $88 for a meet and greet with Jack and Tori. The event will take place on April 1st. Please RSVP if interested.

However the event is taking place on April Fools Day, so there’s a good chance this is all an elaborate prank, and I’m really hoping it is. Jack and Tori organising their own meet and greet doesn’t seem to be something that the MAFS Australia 2024 producers would be too keen on them doing. Still, if it is real I can’t imagine who would actually pay that much to meet the MAFS couple.

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