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Tahnee Cook reveals Sara was constantly messaging Ollie throughout MAFS Australia

Ollie didn’t show Tahnee their messages


There’s been so much drama this week with Sara being exposed for meeting up and messaging her ex behind Tim’s back on MAFS Australia, but it turns out that’s not the only person she was secretly messaging whilst on the show.

MAFS Australia alumni Tahnee Cook has revealed that whilst she and Ollie were still in a relationship Sara was constantly messaging him and complaining about Tim. She explained: “I know I wouldn’t love someone going through my phone just because I have embarrassing stuff that I wouldn’t want to explain, so I can understand.

“So I can understand why with someone you’ve just met, like do you want to be sharing all that stuff in there, but I know Sara was messaging Ollie [Skelton] and she wasn’t saying the nicest things about Tim. Maybe she actually didn’t want certain stuff to be shown because obviously he’s going to have his insecurities about why, because at the end of the day if someone really wants to go through it, let them go through it, if you don’t have nothing to hide.”


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She continued: “I remember Ollie mentioning this to me when we were together and I was like, ‘Oh that’s a bit weird and then we just… we forgot about it, and then I was like ‘Oh it’s that couple’. She didn’t really have the nicest things to say, so then watching it now it’s interesting.

Tahnee explained how Sara and Ollie hadn’t met each other previously and she thinks the MAFS Australia bride had reached out to him after listening to his podcast. Although suspiciously he didn’t show her the messages they exchanged. She said: “I think she had reached out after listening to his podcast, you know, a couple of people reach out asking for advice and stuff. He didn’t show me the messages which is interesting but anyway we’ll leave that!”

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