MAFS UK reunion

Erica ‘can’t move forward’ with Jordan after HUGE feud that sees her storm out of reunion

And tells the camera she’s ‘absolutely furious’ with Jordan

It’s less than one week until the MAFS UK reunion and we’ve been given a glimpse of an explosive argument between Erica and Jordan.

Speaking to the camera, Laura says: “I’m not surprised that Jordan and Erica are arguing. This is exactly what I witnessed when they were living with me.” Back at the dinner table, Jordan explains: “So everyone can see that with me and Erica, for good or for bad, it’s pure, genuine, raw emotions.


Laura then replies: “You understand then that’s not always healthy.” Jordan agrees: “No, it’s not always healthy. I know that. This is not healthy right now but this is what you’re seeing. You don’t see what we’re like away from all this bullsh*t.” Laura replies: “I do, I’ve seen it all. You can’t deny that.”

Laura continues to speak but gets interrupted by Jordan. He says: “By the way if you really think that when we were living at yours for those three, four weeks.” Laura then tells Jordan that he didn’t let her finish talking.


Ella pipes in and says: “Jordan, please let her talk. You don’t even know what she was going to say and you’ve jumped down her throat. I’m trying to have sympathy but you make it so hard, you talk over everyone.” Erica then gets up from the table and storms out of the MAFS UK reunion

Erica eventually returns to the table. She says to the camera: “I am furious. Honestly, at this point, I have no idea how we’re going to move forward from this.”

The reunion is going to bring all the MAFS UK drama to the surface and I cannot wait.

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