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Georges weighs in on Katie Price and JJ’s relationship, ‘She’ll end up heartbroken’

‘He’ll want a newer, younger model soon enough’

Georges has weighed in on the relationship between MAFS UK groom JJ and Katie Price, and it’s not looking great for them.

In an interview with Closer, former MAFS UK groom Georges revealed all about his true thoughts on the relationship between Katie Price and JJ.  He said: “JJ is the biggest ladies’ man. He’s made a ton of money, so he only hangs out with models now. Katie will be obsessed with him – she’s known to love Essex guys and he’s all about that vibe.

“She’ll end up heartbroken because he definitely won’t be in it for the long run. He’ll want a younger, newer model soon enough. They both need to be with someone in the limelight to raise their profiles, so it’s probably a mutually beneficial situation for now.

“He wants to keep his name out there.”

And it seems Georges isn’t the only MAFS UK co-star who disapproves of JJ and Katie Price’s relationship, as both Laura and Ella are not entirely sold on it.  Laura revealed to The Mirror that up until recently she and JJ were still very close, but since he started his relationship with Katie Price he has ignored her.

Whilst Ella is “fuming and feels betrayed” by the relationship, as she has recently become friends with Katie Price and believes she has “broken girl code” by now dating her ex.

Now all we need is another MAFS UK reunion with Katie Price, JJ and Georges all in attendance and let the drama unfold!

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