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Omg, it turns out Jayden from MAFS Australia 2024 is actually Mitch’s little brother

Jayden said he’s ‘very different’ to his brother when it comes to relationships

MAFS Australia Jayden is already winning over the hearts of fans and his wife. But it might surprise you to know that he’s actually the younger brother of Mitch, who was married to Ella Ding in the 2022 series of MAFS Australia.

And despite not being a massive fan of the show when it aired, Mitch has changed his tune and actually encouraged Jayden to apply to appear on MAFS Australia.

John Walsh said how they were surprised to hear that Mitch was more positive about the show: “He wasn’t a big MAFS fan as you may recall, but he’s had quite a lot of change of heart about that and his experience with the Isle.”

Hollie Harwood, an executive producer for MAFS Australia, explained that Jayden jumped at the opportunity of appearing in the experiment after chatting about it with Mitch.

She explained: “Mitch gave him a lot of ‘this is what I wish I did differently” and ‘take some advice from my experience.’ He was really supportive of Jayden’s experience and got right behind him from the wedding.”

Mitch has since revealed that he “regrets” his behaviour on MAFS Australia. He explained: “I didn’t trust the experiment and obviously looking back on it now, I wish I did trust it a bit more. It was very difficult for me to open up and be myself and that’s something I regret, but Jayden and I are very different… He’s going to go all the way.”

Jayden was very clear about differentiating himself and his behaviour from his brothers, saying that whilst Mitch is his brother and he loves him to death, “when it comes to relationships we’re very different,” he said, admitting he’s a big “softy” on the inside.

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