Love Island All Stars Georgia Callum

Georgia’s mum thinks Callum is the best fit for her in the Love Island: All Stars villa

Callum already has the Steel family seal of approval

Let’s be honest, making sure your parents approve of who you’re dating is pretty important. But it looks like Georgia doesn’t have to worry about that with her mum, as she revealed she thinks Georgia and Callum are a great fit together in the Love Island: All Stars villa.

She would love Georgia and Callum to stay together

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine Georgia’s mum revealed that if she could pick anyone for Georgia to couple up with in the Love Island: All Stars villa it would be Callum. She said: “Taking Tom out of the equation, I would pick Callum for Georgia. I think he’s very chilled and genuine, which she is too.

“I think he comes across as a really lovely guy. Georgia’s brother actually said he liked Callum too, which is rare because usually, no one is good enough for his sister.”

She thinks Tom seems like a ‘genuine lad’

As for her thoughts on the other men in the villa, she said she doesn’t know a lot about Tom yet but he “has the cutest smile. He seems like a genuine lad, too.”

She ‘hopes’ Georgia doesn’t go back to Toby

Her thoughts on Toby weren’t as positive as she said she thinks: “He’s a bit of a Jack The Lad and that’s not what Georgia is looking for. He’s a young guy and just wants to have fun and explore, which is fair enough. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I hope she doesn’t go back to him.” Mums are so ruthless and I love it.

And revealed her thoughts on Callum and Molly

She also said that she thinks “deep down” Georgia is “scared that Callum will go back to his ex, Molly, so maybe that could sway her towards Tom.”

I can already tell Georgia’s mum is an absolute ICON.

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