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Ekin-Su weighs in on whether Callum and Molly faked their breakup for Love Island: All Stars

This basically confirms everything

I’m going to be honest, after last night’s Love Island: All Stars episode if Callum and Molly really are secretly still together then they deserve an Oscar because you could see the hatred and hurt in their eyes.

Fans of the show are convinced that the two might have just been faking their breakup in order to get on the show and then conveniently reunite again.

And now Ekin-Su has weighed in on her thoughts around the speculation that Callum and Molly are in a secret relationship. When she saw Molly arrive as a bombshell she “spat her drink out!”

Ekin0Su, speaking on behalf of Spin Genie said: “She’s a mate but I had no idea she was going on. When I saw Callum first, I was worried about how Molly would take it. No one wants to see an ex on the show again and god forbid if Davide and I broke up, I’d hate to see him back on a dating show. It’s a disrespect. But then I saw Molly arrive and I was stunned!”

As for whether Molly and Callum are using Love Island: All Stars as an opportunity to create more publicity about them getting back together, Ekin said: “I know Molly and Davide is mates with Callum. We’ve seen him at events and he’s single. I don’t think they would both lie about that for the sake of a show or publicity. They moved out of their house together.

“Plus, their split was six months ago. I don’t think Love Island All Stars was even approaching contestants that far back.”

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