Fool Me Once Harlan Coben

So who actually is Harlan Coben, the author mastermind behind Fool Me Once?

Nine of his books have been adapted into a Netflix show

Let’s be honest we’re all a bit obsessed with Fool Me Once right now, and the show wouldn’t be possible without the magnificent man who wrote the original book, Harlan Coben. But who actually is Harlan Coben and how did he become the godfather of Netflix thriller shows?

Who is Harlan Coben?

Harlan Coben is an American writer of mystery novels and thrillers. He is the first author to ever receive an Edgar, Shamus and Anthony Award because of his writing. Harlan wrote his first book when he was 26 called Play Dead, a romantic suspense thriller.

After that he began writing a series of thrillers about a former basketball player turned sports agent, Myron Bolitar.

Tell No One was Harlan’s first stand-alone thriller which was published in 2001. Hold Tight was released in 2008, and was his first book to debut at number one on the New York Time bestseller list. Since then Harlan Coben has published over 35 books, including Fool Me Once.

Harlan is married to Anne Armstrong-Coben who is a pediatrician and they have four children together.

Which books have been made into series and films?

Tell No One was Harlan’s first book to be adapted for the screen in a French-language 2006 film. No Second Chance was adapted into a French miniseries, as was his other book Just One Look. Fool Me Once was written by Harlan Coben in 2016 and was released on Netflix at the start of this year in an eight-part series.

In 2022 Amazon announced plans to produce a series based on the Myron Bolitar book series, and was released in August of last year. Harlan also signed a multimillion-dollar five-year contract with Netflix in 2018, under which 14 of his novels would be developed into original Netflix series or films.

Harlan would serve as executive producer on all the projects, and his daughter Charlotte also helps to produce some of them. In 2022 the contract was extended for another four years, so we can expect a lot more amazing Harlan Coben adaptations like Fool Me Once arriving on our screens soon.

I’m on the edge of my seat already!

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