Squid Game the challenge evil players

A gruelling rundown of the most evil players on Squid Game: The Challenge

I will never forgive Ashley for what she did on that bridge

Just like the TV show it’s based on, Squid Game: The Challenge has evil players. Okay, not quite as evil as the literally murderous ones on the original show, but considering no one’s dying here a load of them still exhibited a lot of behaviours that had me truly agog. With that in mind, here’s a comprehensive rundown of the evil players from Squid Game: The Challenge who had us TUTTING LOUDLY at the Netflix screen.

Lorenzo – Player 161

Kicking off the evil players from Squid Game: The Challenge with the Italian stallion Lorenzo, who I find dark sided in an iconic sort of panto villain kind of way. I feel like he high key made the series and I was fuming when he left. That’s the price you pay for crossing Ar LeAnn – but wow, what a character. The food thief!

Ashley – 278

Probably the most loathed villain on this list. The streets will never forget what she did (or should I say, didn’t) do on that bridge. Never. Trey, we got you.

TJ – Player 182

The worst kind of villain because he THINKS he’s a hero. Forced positivity, sickly American love, thinks he’s in charge of everything. I would bounce off the walls if I had to share a dorm with this man.

Spencer – Player 299

Feel a bit sly about this one because he’s not villainous but his lack of resolve and ease to crumble makes him so. Like, that character in a zombie apocalypse film who does something cowardly that causes everyone to die doesn’t THINK he’s a villain… but he inadvertently is evil. Sorry, Spencer.

Tim – Player 382

Via Netflix

Came from absolutely nowhere then went for Jackie in marbles and said she was playing the sympathy card. Instant nemesis.

Dash – Player 141

A minor Squid Game: The Challenge evil here, but he did some shit stirring about other players and then got his comeuppance. Karma is my boyfriend, etc, etc.

Mai – Player 287

Squid Game The Challenge evil players

She fancies herself as a hero, but she’s a villain! Mark my words! More faces than a 10 sided die. Could not stand how she hated TJ than cried over her love and admiration for him? Do me a favour.

Dylan – Player 065

Squid Game the Challenge evil players

His own beef in marbles cost him not only the game but his opponent too. Awful times.

Bryton – Player 432

Squid Game The Challenge evil players

Evil in that sort of scary jock bully in the high school film sort of way. When he said he was going to “snap” Husnain outside the show… Okay bro. Was nice to see him eliminated and knocked down a swift peg or two.

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