Saltburn party set behind the scenes Jacob Elordi

Banquets, ball gowns and champagne: Behind the scenes of Saltburn’s 24/7 party set

The vibes were beyond immaculate

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan have made no secret of just how wild Emerald Fennell let her set get when shooting Saltburn’s turbulent Midsummer Night’s Dream manor house ball: “It was like we were at a party that night,” Jacob told Wrotten Tomatoes. “Random blokes around the place…having their own party. Two days. All night. 48 hours nonstop. [We] saw the breaking dawn. 

“Everything was merged,” Barry echoed. “It was crazy. Everyone was dressed up and I didn’t know who was who. When the camera wasn’t on these people, the party was still going on. It was active.”

And now one extra involved in the debauchery has shared behind-the-scenes photos to TikTok detailing exactly what the late-night balls, river-side banquets and luxurious dinners were really like. And everyone in the comment section has serious fomo.

Luiza Cordery, a vibey influencer who’s friends with the likes of Madeleine Argy and Mimi Moocher, revealed multiple moments from filming “altered her brain chemistry”, including the size of her four-poster-bed hotel room, which was complete with a very Saltburn coded free-standing bath.

Between takes Luiza and the other extras played tennis in fur coats, poured champagne into each other’s mouths and, basically, all round slayed.

In the evening’s, the production team threw unbelievable banquets, which were themed to the films plot. For the Midsummer Night’s Dream dinner, Luiza shared a pic of a long table lined with endless roses and candles underneath a disco ball where cast were served crab tostadas, beef filets with truffle and apple pie. This literally seems like the best job ever.

Luiza and her friends rode bikes around the humungous Saltburn set, had river-side picnics and jumped in the lake before having another boujee dinner and “getting obliterated”. However, she specified they all “managed to leave unscathed”.

If you know, you know.

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