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The director of Twilight says Jacob Elordi would be the ‘perfect’ Edward in series reboot

The reboot might take place in outer space, with Jenna Ortega playing Bella

It seems like the curse of Jacob Elordi being cast in literally everything is impending once again, as Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight has said she would want to cast Jacob Elordi as Edward in the Twilight reboot.

I mean if Jacob’s pure hatred for every role he’s ever played is anything to go on, he’s a shoo-in for Robert Pattinson.

Catherine Hardwick directed the original Twilight movie and appeared on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast last week. Josh suggested to Catherine that Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi could play Bella and Edward, and she agreed with his casting suggestion. She said, “Oh yeah, that would be perfect, I mean he’s [Jacob Elordi] amazing. He probably would be Edward today.”

When asked about who she’d want to see as Bella, Catherine said, “I mean, of course, you just mentioned Jenna Ortega, and she’s amazing!”

Catherine also discussed what the Twilight reboot could look like saying right now she “doesn’t know” but that personally she would like to take the franchise in a much different direction. She said: “For me, it would be fun to do Twilight in outer space. I would be ecstatic to do that, something totally different.”

Can you imagine Twilight in space? I’m just picturing Edward going to do his sprinting run and Bella not holding on tight enough, with her slowly drifting off into the darkness of space. What would they even be able to feed off in space? Alien blood?!

And, of course, fans of Twilight have some mixed reactions to the news of the potential casting. One tweet says simply, “I don’t want a Twilight reboot, but Jacob Elordi could probably do great as Edward. He seems to be good at playing weird fucking men.” Beautifully said.

Someone else thought that Jacob Elordi wouldn’t go for the role even if he was offered it. They tweeted: “If Jacob Elordi thought The Kissing Booth was shitty just imagine his stance on Twilight.” It’s just the truth.

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