Sims 4 landlord expansion reactions

You’ll never own a property so enjoy these reactions to The Sims 4 landlord expansion pack

Entering my evil landlord era

Have you ever dreamed about owning your own property, living out your megalomaniac landlord dreams, or wanted to give landlords a taste of their own medicine? Well, you’re in luck because the newest Sims 4 expansion pack For Rent can help you live out your wildest dreams. Whether you want to buy a cheap starter home, renovate it poorly and rent it out for 10 times as much, or just kill your tenants with mould you can do it all!

As usual, fans have a lot to say about the newest Sims 4 expansion pack, with some being excited to enter their evil landlord era and others asking who wanted this, so here are the 18 most iconic reactions.

1. I just want cars but okay EA

2. My poor tenants are going to think they’re renting in hell

3. Finally the uprising we’ve all been waiting for

4. So ready to buy the starter homes, renovate them and rent them for 10 times the price

5. Asking for a friend

6. It’s all becoming too real

7. Still going to buy it through let’s be real

8. Time to not give my tenants their deposit back over the tiniest thing

9. My Sims don’t know what’s coming for them

10. But seriously, who asked for this?

11. But how else will I pay off my own mortgage?

12. Sit back and watch the mould take over

13. My Sims won’t be as their properties will be unfurnished

14. Another harsh reminder

15. Read the room EA

16. Landlords are 100 per cent scarier than vampires

17. The map is going to turn black with the amount of mould in these properties

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