‘We told them to get help’: Paul C Brunson snaps back at criticism over Shona and Brad chat

One person called the way the experts handled things ‘the worst thing they could have done’

MAFS expert Paul C Brunson has snapped back at criticism to how he and his fellow dating experts dealt with the situation surrounding Brad and Shona. Last night the episode where Brad and Shona were told to leave the experiment aired, with Paul and Mel Schilling sitting down with the couple to tell them what was going to happen.

During the chat, Brad and Shona told the experts of where their relationship was at, and spoke of an argument they’d just had. Shona said Brad’s actions had left her feeling unloved and sad, and said: “I said to him please stop telling me you love me because I feel like it’s so up and down. I feel like it’s been quick to turn around and it doesn’t make me feel safe and then I was getting anxious.”

Paul C Brunson tells MAFS UK couple Brad and Shona to leave

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Towards the end of the chat, Paul told the couple:”This is not a healthy relationship, and I know you know this, but this is not working, it’s just not.” He continued: “We can see you’ve developed strong feelings for each other but right now this is not an environment where your relationship can flourish. On that basis, we believe it’s in your best interest that you exit the process now.”

The experts asked the couple if they thought things could continue outside the process, to which Shona and Brad said yes. Shona said: “I don’t want to go yet guys, in the past I’ve always run so I really want to stay.” To which Paul said: “From what’s been presented today is that the intensity of this process is too much for you both, and it’s too much for your marriage, and for that reason, you can’t stay, right?”

People on Twitter have said Paul and Mel “encouraged them to continue their relationship outside” and said “this is the worst thing they could have done.” However, Paul has snapped back at the comments, and said the experts didn’t encourage this, and instead prompted Shona and Brad to get help after the MAFS experience.

“We didn’t encourage them to continue their relationship,” he said. “We encouraged them to end it. Our talk was 60 minutes. You saw six minutes. When they refused, we gave them resources to independently get help.”

Since this has aired, Shona has clapped back at Brad confirming their relationship is now over. “Enjoy fucking the universe babes,” she said in a lengthy Instagram post. Iconic.

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