Inside Bianca from MAFS UK’s iconic girlboss life and career

She owns her own business, what a slay

Bianca from MAFS UK deserves justice in my eyes. She seems too pure for the show, and I will protect her at all costs. But who exactly is the self-made businesswoman who has been paired up with wild party boy JJ?

Bianca is half-Italian and comes from Buxton in England. She is a keen baker and even baked a cake to announce her appearance on MAFS UK. The cake looked absolutely delicious and the piping work was next level!

Bianca explained her reasons for joining MAFS UK explaining how she had, “a really traumatic relationship with my previous boyfriend and it quite frankly traumatised me quite heavily.

“I didn’t think I believed in love, I’d never been in love, I didn’t think it ever existed and all my friends around me were having babies and getting married and I just kept thinking to myself ‘surely there must be someone out there for me’. There must be and I just thought if I’m ever going to walk down the aisle why not now?”

Bianca just celebrated her 30th birthday and her star sign is Virgo. She works as a hair extension specialist, and being a true girlboss, she even has her own company. Her company is called Beauty Locks by Bee and specialises in hair extensions. She installs weaves, tapes, nano bonds and micro rings, transforming her clients’ hair into Disney princess levels of length and shine.

Bianca is married to JJ, and she has described her thoughts on their first meeting at the end of the aisle. “With JJ I got some things I asked for and then some things I didn’t but as I walked down the aisle I just accepted him completely for who he was there.

“All my icks and all I thought I didn’t want and I did want, they just completely went and I was just accepting his human right in front of me for who they were and I didn’t care about like tattoos or height and all that.

“It was just nice, it was just a bit of a breath of fresh air once I met him I was like oh my god, okay, we can just breathe now.”

Bianca is also a keen gym bunny and frequently posts stories of her meal-prepping chicken and rice, as well as filming her workouts. She even has a Tatty Teddy, who she describes as “always with me,” and he looks very well-loved!

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