russell group unis as pre drinks

Cheers! This is what each Russell Group university would be as a pres drink

Squadka should simply be illegal

There is nothing on god’s green Earth I miss more about uni than a classic pres. Adult life provides no equivalent and I’m left chasing those distant highs in search for the same good vibes. Every Russell Group university interprets pre drinks differently, whether you’re up in the peaks of Scotland or in the depths of Bristol – you all have your own way of doing things. We’ve heard rumours about the Venoms of Exeter, seen the damages done by the Newcastle treb. So to celebrate a new cohort of freshers now beginning the best years of their lives, why not match the vibes of every Russell Group uni to their respective pres drink?

Here are all the Russell Group unis as pre drinks:

University of Leeds – The quad vod

Edgy and a little bit cut throat, the quadruple vodka encompasses uni life as a Leeds student. They don’t do halves –  or even trebles – there. Leeds are all about cutting to the chase and getting seshed fast. Their dungeon house parties are testament to that.

University of Glasgow – Pints of fun

Unless you’re a UoG student or alumni, you’ll share my confusion over what the hell this actually is. But essentially all it consists of is a VK and two shots of vodka. Glasgow is renowned as being the vibier Edinburgh so they couldn’t be represented in a pre-drink any better.

Newcastle University – Squadka

russell group unis as pre drinks

Encompassing a student’s two favourite c-words “cheap” and “convenient”, Newcastle University screams squadka all over. Forget the treb when you can mix it yourself at home. The Metro is littered with Lidl Lindhouse Summer Fruits squash and everyone pretends they have no idea why.

Durham University – Wine

Of course the Durham guys and girlies could stoop no lower than wine for their pres. It might be a cheap bottle of zesty white that’s decanted, or used as a microphone by the most iconic of girlies, but it’s still wine.

University of Nottingham – Vodka orange

Uni of Nottingham could only be a vodka orange. Maybe it’s the classy but trashy persona we get from such a beautiful campus uni with such a chaotic nightlife – or maybe it’s just because it’s cheap and tastes half alright.

Cardiff University – VKs

russell group unis as pre drinks

Cardiff just oozes good energy. From cheesy hits to wholesome vibes, it encompasses everything your pre-teen self expects uni to be and for that, I love Cardiff. But that’s also why they could only land themselves as the the VK’s everyone knows and loves.

University of Manchester – Vodka coke

You just can’t argue with a vodka coke, nor a Manchester Uni student, which I found out the hard way. Both are bold and unapologetic. Uni of Manchester has the perfect balance of business to vibes and like the humble pres drink, is a classic.

University of Exeter – Hooch

I don’t know who they think they are down there, but only Exeter could live down the humiliation of these fruity pre drinks. Maybe it’s the beachy feel, but Uni of Exeter is a Hooch hands down.

University of Edinburgh – Vodka cranberry

Edinburgh always think they’re doing something edgy when actually we’ve all been onto it for months. But somehow, they still manage to retain an image we just can’t replicate and everything up there looks more fun than when we do it here. They have to be a vodka cran, no questions about it.

University of Birmingham – Stella Artois

Whenever someone brings over a crate of Stella, you know the pres are in severe danger. Who thinks Stella is an acceptable pres beverage? At least bring some Corona or splash the cash on something actually digestible like Moretti. Stella Artois is the dark horse and often underestimated pres drink, at one with Uni of Birmingham for their similarities and their need to make a statement.

University of Liverpool – Vodka lemonade

No one expect too much from Liverpool, but they continually deliver without fail and without question. They’re quietly confident and are constantly trying new things to be better, all without screaming it from the rooftops. And that’s exactly what you get from ye trusty old faithful, vodka lemonade.

University of Warwick – Rum and lemonade

Rum and lemonade is the quirky younger brother of rum and coke. Much like Warwick, it’s a little bit batshit and no one really knows what it is – but actually, is really lovely. Only Warwick could get away with it.

University of York – Gin and lemonade

York is fooling no one trying to pretend it’s more hardcore than it is. We all like a cheeky gin and Sprite now and again, there’s no shame in it.

University of Bristol – Disaronno and Coke

Again, this one requires taste. UoB is quirky and eccentric, unlike its Russell Group uni counterparts in the area or up north. Bristol is different and it knows it.

UCL – Malibu and Coke

Funky! Another one that everyone always forgets about but everyone respects is a banger. Both UCL and Malibu and Coke are old faithfuls we all share the same mutual respect for.

University of Lincoln – Vodka lime and soda

You have to be a certain level of mature to be able to appreciate a vodka lime and soda. Either that, or you’re too poor to afford the lemonade mixer. Lincoln is on the balance of being both fun and humble – the stuff that goes down here is gossip worthy but equally nothing to shout home about. It’s a classic and we love it.

University of Sheffield – Strongbow

Sheffield is the vibe capital of the UK. They’ve got the music, the people and the ability to make any pres a yearly event. Everyone know’s it’s a force to be reckoned with and it’s established name among the hall of legends. That’s why it’s got to be Strongbow – but not Dark Fruits, obviously.

King’s College London – White wine spritzer

Again, King’s is one of few unis who can pull off a spritzer at any event. Graduation? Have a cheeky spritzer. Birthday? Rosé spritzer will do. Last minute pres before a night at Spoons? Line that stomach with a spritzer. King’s is fancy enough to pull anything off without question but unhinged enough to earn its crown as an iconic Russell Group uni.

University of Cambridge – Prosecco

Cambridge exudes Prosecco energy. The classy pre drink could not be enjoyed with the same appreciation anywhere else. Out of all the Russell Group unis as pre drinks, Cambridge is defo the most boujie.

University of Oxford – Champagne

Sike – just to ruffle everyone’s feathers, and by everyone I solely mean Oxbridge students, Champagne is the pres drink representing Uni of Oxford. Tasteful and expensive. Cheers!

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