Ella MAFS UK trans

Ella says when dating before MAFS UK she was fetishised by men for being trans

‘A lot of guys see us as a fetish – I never believed I would get married’

Ella Morgan Clark from the new series of Married at First Sight UK has opened up about the difficulties she’s faced in her dating life as a trans woman prior to going on MAFS.

Speaking to OK magazine in a new interview, Ella said “Growing up, my dream was to be a princess, a wife, a mother. Back then, I didn’t think that was possible – that I could transition and be who I am. Being trans, I found men didn’t want to be with me openly – a lot of guys see us as a fetish, so I never believed I would ever get married.

“After transitioning and having all my surgeries, I just thought, ‘I do want to get married,’ and that I owed it to six-year-old me to fulfil my dream.”

She also talked about how the experience was for her on the whole, giving a bit of insight into perhaps how her marriage is going to go down when we see her marry a total stranger next Monday. “I was very open minded going into the experience, and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I knew I had thick skin, but I didn’t realise how emotional this would be,” she said. “I remember saying I would never cry in front of a man and for a lot of the show I cried. Me and Ros were known as the criers.”

We’ll be able to get our first look at Ella as she makes history as the first trans bride on MAFS when Married at First Sight UK returns next week on Monday. I am literally DYING for it.

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