olivia neill skin cancer

Olivia Neill says her fans have told her she ‘deserves’ to have skin cancer following diagnosis

Last night the 21-year-old posted a video saying she’s just been diagnosed

Last night, Olivia Neill posted a TikTok on her main account and told her followers she was recently diagnosed with skin cancer.

The 21-year-old influencer has since deleted the video following speculation online as to how she had skin cancer.

Fans of Olivia have been sharing their thoughts online but now Olivia has posted another TikTok on her second account telling her fans more about the experience she’s been through.

In her TikTok Olivia says she had a tumour in the arm, a lump that she got removed and she’s just had her results back which confirm the lump is cancerous.

She goes on to speak about her diagnosis in more detail. She says it’s called “DFSP and I didn’t say that in my first video. Probably should have so it would avoid the confusion.” Olivia adds that it’s not much to worry about and it’s not a big deal, saying all she needs to do is get it removed and hopefully she will be fine.

At first Olivia didn’t know the cause of it but doctors have since told her it’s a “gene mutation that you’re born with.” Olivia adds: “I know when people hear ‘skin cancer’ they immediately think melanoma and shit, I don’t really know much about it. I do know skin cancer can often be caused by UV exposure in the sun or in sun bets. And I go on holiday a lot. Like I’ve been known to sizzle myself in the sun and sometimes I have used sunbeds in my life – it’s stupid. I know that can cause cancer and if that had caused me to get cancer I’d honestly be like, not that I deserve it, but it’s if I got lung cancer and I smoked 20 cigarettes a day. I’d be like what did you expect?”

Olivia then goes on to discuss why she deleted her original video. She says: “But when I posted my TikTok to say my tumour is actually cancer, I started getting comments like ‘well you fucking deserve it because you’ve got sun beds before.’ So anyway, yeah, it’s not caused by sunbeds – it’s caused by my genes. I’m going to be fine, if not a little depressed.”

Olivia Neill then says the type of skin cancer she has also has a 99 per cent survival rate, “so things are looking pretty good for me.”

“To be honest, I probably shouldn’t have said anything on TikTok if I didn’t want people commenting and telling me I deserve cancer because the internet is a scary place. But don’t do sun beds, don’t sizzle yourself in the sun – it’s not good for you. Get any lumps checked that you have and I also don’t think anyone deserves to be told they deserve cancer,” she says.

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