Another new bombshell hits the villa! Plus Olivia storms off as fight with Zara gets INTENSE

Oh, did we think Love Island this year wasn’t juicy?

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

ANOTHER new bombshell is set to hit the villa

I can’t keep up, because apparently another bombshell is about to enter the villa, and that will already be new arrival number SIX. The Sun is reporting ITV has yet another wannabe ready to enter the villa in South Africa.

A TV source said: “The mystery wannabe filmed for the first time yesterday but is yet to be introduced. This person is the sixth new entrant to the villa. The producers have gone all out and by throwing in these curve balls they’re keeping the Islanders — and viewers — on their toes.”

Ummm, what happened to Ellie?

We need to address a huge elephant in the room: What in the hell happened to Ellie, the teased bombshell who never came?! Remember right back at the start, we had to vote as to whether we wanted Tom or Ellie to enter the villa, and obviously we chose Tom – but where is Ellie now?

She did a full photoshoot with ITV and an interview about wanting to be on the show which was all over the tabloids, and now she’s just… never been seen again?! I need to know if she’s ok.

Is there another Love Island argument on the cards?

Zara and Olivia aren’t the only Islanders feuding it seems, because apparently viewers have spotted tension between another few of the girls. Lana and Olivia have been branded “shady” over comments they made towards Tanya, and people think it’s going to become a thing.

Following the game of beer pong at the end of last week, the girls were discussing what happened and Lana said Kai kissed Tanya “for an easy life” to which Anna replied saying she thought Kai had actually wanted to kiss her.

I see a villa split on the horizon!

Tanya has caught the eye of one of the Strictly professionals before!

It looks as though one of our fav Strictly professionals definitely knew who Tanya was before she entered the villa, as he’s been liking loads of her pictures. According to The Sun, Neil Jones liked a couple of Tanya’s posts over summer, months before he started dating Casa Amor’s Chyna Mills.

Neil with Love Island 2022’s Chyna, via Instagram @mr_njonesofficial

A new villa romance is coming?!

People have spotted a number of pointers towards Tanya and Kai having a secret thing going on – and have predicted there’s going to be big change in the villa’s couplings. I see it!

They obviously kissed during the beer pong game, but wind back to the first challenge this season – and they kissed then too! Guys, they’ve kissed four times all together now. This is a thing, end of!

In a first look at tonight’s episode, Zara and Olivia have some words 👀

We’ve seen things start to bubble up with Zara and Olivia, but tonight’s episode sees them have an explosive row which ends with Olivia in tears. In the preview last night we saw Zara say: “I’m here for myself, do you think I flew 11 hours from England to piss you off?  Get over yourself Liv, get over yourself.”

via ITV

In the episode tonight it carries on, and Olivia heads over to Zara and Tom and asks to pull him for a chat. Upon their return, Zara asks Olivia: “What was that?” Olivia replies: “Huh, what do you mean?” to which Zara asks again: ‘What was that? I wondered what the conversation was about, the context?” Olivia replies: “Oh, it’s private.”

Zara asks: “Private? Well I like to be open here so can I ask you what it was about?” Olivia laughs: “I like to be private in here if that’s ok?” Zara adds: “Things come out eventually Liv, it’s fine” to which Olivia responds: ‘It’s not about you it’s about me and him.” Zara says: “I’m in a couple with him so it does kind of concern me.” Olivia asks: “Are you married? Zara replies: “I’m here to find someone and I see a future with him.”

As the argument gets even more intense, Olivia says: “You’re just trying to cause drama and I’m fucking not having it. She’s such a bitch.” It then looks as though Olivia storms off in tears.

Plus the Aussie Islanders pick some dates

Also tonight, the Love Island Australia bombshells go on their first dates. Aaron is first to receive a text which reads: “Aaron it’s time for you to go on your first date, please choose two girls you’d like to take and get ready to live the Villa #G’DateMate #MakeYourMove.”

Jessie’s reads: “Jessie, it’s time for you to go on your first date, please choose two boys and get ready to leave #HotDownUnder #UpforGrabs.” Which Islanders will the new bombshells choose? Where will they go on their dates and will any connections be formed?

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