Didn't I do it for you Kermit TikTok sound

Okay, so where did the ‘Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?’ TikTok sound come from?

I will not rest until I have a long dog in my life

If you live on TikTok, which if we’re being honest you definitely do, you would’ve heard of the “Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?” TikTok sound. Since the sound was originally uploaded to TikTok by a user in November 2022, more than 68,000 videos have been made using the sound with many achieving millions of views, proving its popularity with users. The sound is completely inescapable and has turned into a real brain worm for me, I just can’t get it out of my head. The sound is iconic and actually has quite an interesting backstory. So here’s everything you need to know about the viral “Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?” TikTok sound – including where it originally came from.

The sound is being used alongside long dogs

Whilst the original video using the sound was about something entirely different, users are now using the sound alongside of a trend that sees TikTok obsessed with “long dogs”. The breed in question is called a Borzoi, a Russian breed that is known for it’s long limbs and mostly importantly, its outrageously long snoot. The trend sees people using three dots to turn generic household items into a face reminiscent of a long dog with the video accompanied with this sound, even brands such as Starbucks are hopping on the trend.

Here’s some examples:


But where did the sound actually come from?

The lyrics to the “Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?” sound are actually the first four lines of FKA Twig’s song Cellophane, minus the word Kermit. The Cellophane lyrics are: “Didn’t I do it for you? Why don’t I do it for you? Why won’t you do it for me? When all I do is for you?” But this version is very clearly not sung by FKA Twigs and instead by someone impersonating Miss Piggy and pretending to serenade Kermit. The Miss Piggy cover was originally sung by someone’s mate for a laugh in a voice note sent over text. The person uploaded the voice note to YouTube where it was remixed with the piano accompaniment from Cellophane to turn it into the song snippet that TikTok knows and loves.

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