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Guys, the Cara Delevingne TikTok transformations are disgusting and they can’t go on

Whatever she’s dealing with right now, let’s just leave her alone

It looks like the Cara Delevingne “transformation” TikToks won’t be slowing down anytime soon, even while the former model is reportedly suffering a health scare. The tabloids are insistent on documenting every little “worrying” change in Cara’s life; paparazzi invading the space of mates as they leave her home looking “distressed”.

I can’t believe, after Britney, Lindsay, Amanda… (the list goes on), we’re still doing this to celebrities. Speculating about a famous person’s mental health isn’t the level of activism you think it is. Making conspiracy theory clips won’t remove the stigma from the situation – you’re just encouraging people to watch, point and laugh.

I’m tired of seeing articles and TikToks following Cara’s “transformation”, pretending a few bad pics of her (taken after Burning Man, by the way) are representative of her health. Whether she was hungover, tired, coming down or ill – using “good” and “bad” photos of her to feed a “celebrity downfall” narrative is disgusting.

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When newspapers run a banner headline on the downfall of a certain celebrity, it encourages a culture of people looking on and judging someone who may be feeling vulnerable, because they feel so far removed from the situation themselves. Imagine how you’ve felt in your lowest moments, probably wanting to run away and isolate.

Now imagine thousands of people reading about it, shaking their heads and tutting at you for wearing a low-effort outfit, smoking more than usual, or looking tired.

Now imagine news websites comparing photos of you with your makeup touched up, hair in place and a fancy outfit on against ones when you’re not doing too great. Doesn’t feel good, does it?

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The hashtag #CaraDelevingne has 1.6 BILLION views on TikTok – but many of the most popular are about her “transformation”.

One creator posted a series of photos from Cara’s modelling days, with the caption “remember her?”. The video then cuts to the post-Burning Man images, where the text reads: “This is her now”. Kanye West’s I Love Kanye can be heard playing in the background, in which the lyrics are: “I miss the old Kanye/I hate the new Kanye”. The poster has turned off comments, but the video has over a million views.

Another creator, known simply as “tea page”, combined an old photo of Cara with the text: “What happened to Cara Delevingne?”

Without mincing words, the answer is simple: Whatever happened to Cara Delevingne – if anything happened at all – is none of our business. She doesn’t owe us her medical history, an insight into her personal life or any tabloid gossip. She is a human being, and this constant exploitation is horrific.

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