Murad Merali fetish videos

Revealed: All the allegations regarding podcast host Murad Merali’s fetish video past

The videos show his feet being smacked across a guy’s face and ‘raceplay’

Podcast host and YouTuber Murad Merali, who is known for his “daily and consistent” Love Island content and interviews with Islanders, has seen allegations and old videos surface that appear to show him engaging in extreme fetish content centred around feet and “raceplay”.

“Raceplay” is an extreme fetish centred around two people consenting to use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sex. After all the allegations surfaced and his name trended on Twitter, Murad Merali has now uploaded a video to his YouTube addressing his past. But what has he been accused of and where did all this come from? Here’s a roundup of all the Murad Merali allegations surrounding his fetish videos past.

How did this all come to light?

For those unaware, Murad Merali is a YouTuber with close to 300k subscribers – who is best known for his “explosive” interviews with ex Islanders. Over the last couple of years in particular, he’s seen a big rise in popularity and even has hosted Love Island events around London for the premiere and finale nights of the season. He counts Islanders like Amber Gill and Kaz Kamwi as friends.

Earlier this week, Murad was called out for claiming that he coined and popularised the phrase “Love Island bay-bee”, said this year by Liam when he walked out the villa. ITV attributed it to Liam, and Murad wasn’t happy about this. Some people on Twitter called out Murad for trying to claim this, and then an account in the replies said “He could always go back to his own job” and posted a video of someone who appears to be Murad beating another man in the face with his feet in a verbal fetish video. It’s too graphic to embed in this article, but the link is here.

What are the actual allegations and what happens in the videos?

The allegations allege that Murad Merali is behind a deactivated account on various sites with the handle “arabmasterboy”. On these accounts, there are pictures and videos posted of extreme foot fetish content and raceplay where Murad allegedly calls people of other races slurs such as a derogatory term for a Chinese person and uses of the N-word and “monkeys”. Pictures of this (NSFW) can be seen here.

The full Twitter thread of all the allegations can be found below – these are videos and screenshots full of extremely racist slurs and NSFW content, so tread carefully.

Has Murad Merali addressed the situation?

Murad Merali has posted a YouTube video accepting responsibility for some of the fetish videos allegations but denying others. Murad says: “First and foremost the written content is not me, the severely derogatory comments are not written by me and I will stand by that – this is not who I am. Some of this content is also not me and I can profusely apologise, I take full accountability for how this has come across and how everybody has felt from this content. Some of this content is me, not now, not recently, in the last five to six years, not any moment now.”

Read a full rundown of everything said in his “Addressing my past” video here.

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