‘It crossed my mind to leave with Jacques’: Paige and Adam spill all after leaving the villa

Ummm, Adam has said they might meet up with Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson?!

Last night saw Paige and Adam as the latest couple to leave the Love Island 2022 villa. After being voted one of the least compatible couples by their fellow Islanders, a public vote ended in them being dumped from the show.

They left painfully close to the final, and have had a huge journey together – from Adam being announced as one of the biggest bombshells ever, to Paige dealing with Jacques leaving and them cracking on. So what do they have to say now it’s all over?

Adam and Paige have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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How do Paige and Adam feel about leaving Love Island?

When asked about how they feel to be voted off, Paige said: “Oh my gosh, absolute rollercoaster of emotions. Mostly highs, and so grateful to have been part of that experience.” They left the day before the final, so is Paige a little bit angry they didn’t make it all the way? “Absolutely not, I went in there wanting to find friendships and a great connection and I came out with both,” she said.

Obviously Adam is no stranger to the show, so when asked how he felt about returning, he said: “It was nerve wracking this time because I kind of had my presumptions about people because I got to watch it on the screen before I went in. I’m a bombshell and people can be intimidated and someone is probably going to get split up. But saying that, as soon as it got a couple of hours in the boys were class and really welcoming and it was just exciting. I was buzzing to go in. And I knew this time going in, because I have grown up a little bit, that it would be a little bit different if I found someone right and obviously I did.”

‘Paige is unreal, she’s the real deal’

Adam said he is “smitten” with Paige, and never expected to find a connection with someone, as much as he has with her. “Paige is unreal, she doesn’t step a foot wrong. She is the real deal,” he said, and admitted he was shocked himself that he ended up crying in the Beach Hut over his feelings.

Adam and Paige have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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Adam has said him and Paige might meet up with his ex Zara, and her boyfriend Sam Thompson

So we all saw Zara McDermott live react to seeing her ex Adam being revealed as a bombshell – she was shook. Adam was asked how he feels about knowing she was watching with her new boyfriend Sam Thompson, and Adam said: “I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t really expect it to be that plain sailing with their reaction. I’ve got to give credit to Zara. We had some really good times and I’ve got really good memories from the time we were together. It’ll be nice to break the ice – you never know we might end up meeting up with them. I think Sam’s definitely the right person for her and if they’re happy, I’m happy. I’m definitely happy here.”

Paige’s stand out moment was her yacht date with Adam

It’s been said that the yacht final date is cursed, because no couple who has been sent on it has ever stayed together, but Paige still said this was her highlight of the whole show. She also said she enjoyed the talent night with everyone, and the heart rate challenge, which “really got me out of my comfort zone!”

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Right, so how does Paige actually feel about what happened with Jacques?

Paige seemed heartbroken when she was coupled up with Jacques, and he chose to leave the villa. However, she soon cracked on with Adam and said she had found everything she wanted. “Honestly, I had a feeling that he [Jacques] was going to leave,” she said, when asked about the situation. “It was really hard hearing him say it out loud, but I knew there was nothing I could say to make him want to change his mind. I knew that wouldn’t be right. I fully supported his decision, absolutely I could never have sat there and asked him to stay.”

When asked if she would ever have left with him, she added: “It did cross my mind a little bit to leave with him, but things hadn’t been 100 per cent all the way through, and the fact that they weren’t was what made me think. The fact that I stayed and I gave 100 per cent to the experience and found something new and something more suited towards me just goes to show that everything happens for a reason.”

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Adam thinks he’ll end up being mates with Jacques

Speaking of the situation, Adam added: “I knew he liked Paige, I liked her as well – it could have been anyone and it would have been the same situation. But I just wanted to make sure he was OK first and that he was doing it for the right reasons and not doing it just because it was me. Don’t get me wrong, I knew I wanted to be with the girl he was with. At the same time, we gave each other a hug before he left. I went up and shook his hand. We both know the score, we both know what we signed up for and I wouldn’t even be surprised if we ended up being mates on the outside to be honest.”

‘I definitely have grown up’

This season has been a very different feel for Adam Collard. “I definitely have grown up and I care about what people think a little bit more,” he said of his change. “I’m definitely a lot less selfish and I think about people’s feelings more. So maybe I have grown as a person.

“Even though I made the cover, you can’t really judge a book by its cover. You’ve got to give everyone a chance. Every single person in that villa if you ask them about me and Paige they saw it straight away. I’m definitely a lot more grown up now, a lot more mature, I turned into the mediator in the villa for other people’s relationships. People were actually coming to me for advice. I’m probably a lot more level headed.”

Adam and Paige have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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What’s next for Paige and Adam, after Love Island?

Paige said her and Adam are “going strong” and “have done since day one.” She said they’ve already made plans to continue things together after the show. “He’s coming to see me in Swansea and I’m going to Newcastle,” she said. “We’re already talking about holidays and Christmas plans. I definitely see a future.”

Adam added: “I don’t know what the moving situation is – I think I need to pitch her Newcastle very, very well. I’m really excited to go and see her family. I’m just excited to go and do all the fun things with her. I want to go on dates. It’s weird, I feel like we’re dating but we’re so far past that. We have really got something good here. I just want to run with it to be honest. I see her in my future and I think she feels the same. We’re going to make it work.”

Who did Paige and Adam think will win Love Island 2022?

They know them the best, so which Islanders do Paige and Adam think will win? Paige said: “There is a fair chance for them all to win but I’m rooting for ‘Damiyah’. Honestly they are both such genuine, down to earth people with such hearts of gold. They are so good together. They bounce off each other so well.”

Adam is also backing Indiyah and Dami. He said: “I think even though Dami and Indiyah have had a rocky, rollercoaster journey in Casa, seeing them together, they are 100 per cent the most genuine couple for me. I actually do believe in them on the outside as well.”

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