Love Island’s Faye and Teddy quit Instagram over racist abuse

‘Faye gets quite a lot of racism thrown at her for being with me’

Love’s Island Teddy Soares and Faye Winter quit Instagram for a short period over racist abuse and trolling.

Speaking on Vicki Pattison’s podcast, Teddy revealed the couple took some time away from Instagram after receiving racist messages.

He said: “She [Faye] gets quite a lot of racism thrown at her for being with me. And I was experiencing the same thing, over a kind of Q&A I think, but not to go into too much detail there, it was just something that I’ve never really expected to have any kind of trolling at all.

“It’s just there. You delete it, but you’ve got so much coming your way and I think any kind of hate, any kind of jealousy, any kind of toxicity in the world is just nasty.

“I like to keep it positive, I love to keep good energy, always. So when I saw it, it was like, ‘What am I supposed to do?'”

via Instagram @faye__winter

Teddy said the trolling led to both of them taking time away from Instagram and spending a few days in Devon and talking to family more.

He said: “I just came off Instagram, Faye did the same, and we just went to Devon.

“We just kind of spent three or four days out of social media and I was on the phone to my family, speaking to my family a lot more around that time as well, and kind of going back into our own personal bubble and almost reminding ourselves who we are.”

via Instagram @faye__winter

As part of his interview on Vicki’s podcast “The Secret To” Teddy spoke candidly about his relationship with Faye. He said though they have arguments they are getting stronger as a couple.

He said: “I’m not just saying this, we are going from strength to strength. I’m not even going to say that we don’t have our spats. We do obviously have our spats.

“Yeah, we’re together obviously 24/7 but yeah, everything’s just like… it’s going kind of up and I couldn’t have honestly dreamed of being in the position where my life has changed massively.

‘To kind of have a partner that you’re able to kind of just have good conversations with, come back home, smile and just like enjoy each other’s company. It’s good, it’s amazing.”

via Instagram @faye__winter

Teddy and Faye met on last year’s Love Island where they placed second behind Liam Reardon and Millie Court.

During their time on the show the couple often had tense arguments including one argument in which Faye was shouting and yelling at Teddy. The scene received nearly 25,000 Ofcom complaints after airing.

Since leaving the villa the couple have moved in together and have been working on their house.

Featured image credit via Instagram @teddy_soares

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