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Ok so who are the family from the ‘I’m just a baby’ TikTok audio?

The mum’s account has now been banned on TikTok

It’s not often you’d describe a TikTok audio as “cute”. Funny, weird and iconic – sure – but never cute. However the current trending audio “I’m just a baby” is the perfect definition of cute.

The viral audio of “I’m just a baby” is part of a conversation between a mother and her toddler who does not want to do as she is told. The conversation starts with a mum saying “Coco when mummy says stop you say ‘okay'” and the toddler replies saying “I’m just a baby”. It continues with the mum being firmer saying “but you still have to say ‘okay mummy'” and the toddler angrily replies “I’M JUST A BABY”.

@taylorwalkerr #gym ♬ original sound – R1Rider

The first clip of the audio is mainly what people have been using on their TikToks. The audio hashtag currently has over 43 million views and people are using the audio to describe things they don’t or can’t do because they’re “just a baby” such as driving or lifting heavier weights.

So who is this mother and daughter pair? And when did the audio first come out? This is everything we know:

Who created the ‘I’m just a baby’ TikTok audio?

If you search for the audio on TikTok today the video that’s being credited as the “original” sound is from a user called “r1rider318”.

However they are not the original poster of the video and their TikTok is simply recording the original video from the account “Little.Blooming.Women”.

The original TikTok has been deleted but at the time of r1rider318 recording it the TikTok had nearly 8 million likes. It was first posted on 20th February 2022 by Jordan Faeh aka Little Blooming Women of herself and her daughter.

@little.blooming.women2 Please help me restore my original account after TikTok deleted this viral video. Thank you! #justababy ♬ original sound – Jordan Faeh

It’s unclear why the original video and account were deleted however Jordan created a new account called “Little.Blooming.Women2”.

She claimed she had recently tried to open her TikTok but found her account had been banned. Speaking in a TikTok uploaded two days ago Jordan said: “I recently tried to login to my account and was notified that TikTok had permanently banned my account without any notice or explanation.”

@little.blooming.women2 If you enjoyed the #justababy video, please help us #bringcosyback ♬ original sound – Jordan Faeh

Jordan went onto say she been unsuccessful in getting in contact with TikTok and was asking other users on TikTok to help her.

Meet the family behind the audio

Jordan is the mother of the toddler “Coco” in the viral “I’m just a baby” audio. Coco’s real name is Cosette Louisa and she is the youngest of Jordan’s four daughters with her husband.

The family lives in Nebraska, USA and Jordan runs an Instagram page about their family. Coco is most definitely not a baby anymore as she celebrated her second birthday in early January this year.

Featured image credit via Instagram @little.blooming.women

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