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These are the UK reality stars who have admitted to getting cosmetic surgery

If only they were all this honest 👏

It’s hard to think of a celebrity or reality star who hasn’t had a bit of cosmetic surgery done – lip fillers, botox and veneers are the go to menu of the z-listers trying to make it big. However very few actually admit they’ve had the procedures done.

Influencers will often claim their new look is the result of better makeup or some diet supplement they try and sell you. So it’s actually kinda refreshing when the stars of our favourite shows actually tell us they’ve had a bit of work done.

It’s their body they can all do what they like with it, but in a world of Instagram models, it’s nice when some of them lift the lid on the fakery and say they weren’t born like this.

A number of cast members from TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Love Island have all admitted to getting some form of cosmetic surgery – whether it’s a boob job, fillers or veneers.

These are the reality stars who have admitted to cosmetic surgery:

Georgia Kousoulou

reality stars cosmetic surgery

via Instagram @georgiakousoulou

TOWIE favourite Georgia has been extremely honest about getting plastic surgery. In 2018 Georgia faced a load of online abuse because of her nose job.

She had always been open about wanting to change her nose and finally got the procedure done but many people claimed she looked like “Michael Jackson” after the operation. Georgia has spoken out previously and said how much it affected her and made her doubt her choices.

In an interview with New! Magazine Georgia said: “Those first few weeks were the worst. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’. After surgery, you do feel like, ‘Have I ruined myself?’

“I was looking at myself thinking, ‘Do I look that bad?’ I had to remind myself, no I wanted this done.”

And it’s not just the nose job Georgia has had. She’s admitted to getting a boob job in 2015 to take her natural boobs from a B to an E cup as she didn’t like the shape.

Chloe Sims

reality stars cosmetic surgery

via ITV and Instagram @chloe_simsstarship

Chloe is no stranger to surgery and has had all manner of procedures before and during her time on TOWIE. Over the years she’s admitted to having botox, fillers, veneers, two boob jobs and two Brazilian bum lifts.

However recently Chloe has said she has removed her filler because she wants a more “natural” look.

Lauren Goodger

reality stars cosmetic surgery lauren

via ITV and Instagram @laurengoodger

OG TOWIE star Lauren has been very vocal about the plastic surgery procedures she’s had over the years. Her first dive into the world of surgery was her nose job in 2011. She had a bump on her nose from her nephew dumping a toy truck on it.

After watching herself in early episodes of TOWIE Lauren said she developed a “complex” about the way she looked. Since then she’s had numerous other procedures done including a boob job, bum lift, liposuction and fillers in her jaw.

However Lauren said she had her fillers dissolved five days after getting them done after seeing a paparazzi picture of herself.

Amy Childs

via ITV/ Instagram @amychilds1990

When Amy first appeared in TOWIE she’d already had a number of procedures, however since then she’s spoken out about how much she regrets them all.

Amy has admitted to having a boob job, botox, lip fillers and veneers. Two years ago Amy had to have an operation after one of her implants had ruptured, and a month later doctors discovered a lump had formed in her breast tissue because of the leakage.

She appeared in a documentary for the BBC where she tried to warn young women off having surgery.

Ferne McCann

via ITV/ Instagram @fernemccann

Ferne has made it very clear that she has only had a nose job done and got extremely annoyed on her show, First Time Mum, at the accusations she’s had anything else done.

In one scene she said: “I’m setting the record straight. I’ve tightened my teeth and I had a nose job. And I get my eyebrows threaded. That’s it.”

Ferne had her nose job in 2016, after explaining it was one of her biggest insecurities and how she was teased for it at school. She even showed off the results on This Morning.

Megan McKenna

via Channel 4/ Instagram @meganmckenna

Megan McKenna has undergone somewhat of a makeunder in the last two years as she is focusing more on her music career.

In doing this transformation she’s been open about removing her lip fillers and though she’s said she would like a nose job, the lip fillers are the only things she’s had done.

Lauren Pope

via ITV/ Instagram @laurenpopey

Lauren Pope has been getting plastic surgery for at least 10 years. She had a nose job with MYA in 2011 and has admitted to getting two boob jobs however in 2017 she had her E cup implants removed for a more “natural” look.

Molly-Mae Hague

via Instagram @mollymae

Molly-Mae shocked us all last year when she removed her lip fillers in a bid to become more “natural”. In a vlog detailing the dissolving process of the lip fillers, Molly-Mae said she’d been having the fillers put in since she was 17 years old.

Even more recently Molly-Mae admitted to having her composite bonds on her teeth removed as a way to continue being more natural.

Amy Hart

via ITV/Instagram @amyhartxo

Unlike many Love Islanders Amy has been very transparent about the surgery she’s had, even before entering the villa. When she was 21 years old her grandparents paid for a boob job after she went years of feeling insecure about her small boobs.

Amy said: “I’d always wanted my boobs done. I grew up in the era of Katie Price. I hated how I looked in clothes.”

In an interview with The Mirror, Amy also revealed she had veneers put in at age 17 and has since had them redone for an apparent £100,000. However these are the only two procedures Amy has admitted to having had.

She’s firmly denied she has lip filler and insists it is a plumping lip gloss she uses to achieve a full pout.

Olivia Attwood

via Instagram @oliviajade_attwood

Olivia has never had any trouble saying what’s on her mind, so it makes sense she wouldn’t cover up her surgery. Over the years Olivia has spoken out about her two boob jobs, including a reduction which she had a few years after leaving Love Island.

She’s also shown the results of her jaw and chin lipo surgery. And that’s not all, Olivia has also admitted to having filler underneath her eye and many lip fillers throughout the year.

Zara McDermott

reality stars cosmetic surgery

via ITV/ Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Zara has recently admitted to having a boob job in a new video on YouTube. In February Zara revealed she had undergone surgery in order to make her boobs “fuller and more symmetrical”.

In the video Zara said how she had always planned to share her surgery journey but only wanted to update her followers once she was happy with how her boobs had healed.

Louise Thompson

via E4/ Instagram @louise.thompson

Louise Thompson is one of the only Made In Chelsea cast members to admit they’ve had surgery. In a recent interview with Closer magazine, Louise revealed she has previously had botox but now would never do it again.

Louise explained her reasoning for not going near botox was for several reasons. Firstly because it “triggers” reactions in her and as she is now considering starting a family she doesn’t want “these alien substances to be floating around in my bloodstream and in my skin cells.”

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