This Soton student hates Circuit Laundry so much she washes her clothes in the shower

‘I’ve saved over £100’

Circuit Laundry is objectively the most criminal thing to take place on university campuses across the land. I mean really, it’s completely inconceivable that they get away with charging five great British pounds for a wash and dry, and the worst thing of all? Students have to pay it because there’s no other choice – that is, unless your name is Rosie and you’re studying at the University of Southampton.

Last week, she uploaded a TikTok in which she worked out how to do all her washing for free without getting absolutely rinsed by Circuit Laundry – that’s right, no more topping up your cards and shelling out a tenner at a time – and it’s safe to say that this clearly resonated with people as it’s been viewed 750k times and has 90k likes. To think that all this time the only thing you needed to save you that 10 quid a week was an ensuite room (or shared if you’re feeling especially confident), a plastic box and some detergent?! Here’s how it works:

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It really is as simple as going to your local hardware store to pick up a plastic tub that fits in your shower, then picking up whichever washing products you usually use. With warm water from the shower, press the clothing and work any stains out before rinsing with cold water, and that’s it. It sounds so obvious, but why aren’t we all doing it?!

Speaking to The Tab, first-year criminology student Rosie said that she’s saved a substantial amount of money: “I’ve been washing my clothes like this since I moved in on the 12th September – a wash and dry can cost about five pounds so I think I’ve saved nearly £100 now.

“The general reaction has been really positive and a lot of people have thanked me for the hack – my friends have bought plastic tubs and now do the same as me.” Whatever you think of this method, saving £100 over the course of six weeks is incredible – if you were to carry on washing clothes at that rate for a standard 40-week contract, you’d be able to save in excess of £600. On Circuit Laundry.

This is your warning – get yourself over to IKEA immediately.

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