Students who posted pictures of blackface rowing social say it was just fake tan

De Montfort uni is investigating the social

A group of students who were photographed wearing blackface on a social have claimed it was just fake tan.

De Montfort is investigating the students after the pictures, taken last year and shared on social media at the time, resurfaced on social media.

Students at the uni are calling for action to be taken and are cutting ties with the students.

In the pictures, the students pose with darkened faces, wearing ties, shirts and jackets.


In one picture, a student with a darkened face drinks from a pipe. The same student is understood to have posted a #blackouttuesday Instagram post this week.


In another, a student smiles whilst another drinks a can.


The Tab has reached out to the students for comment. However, one student, in messages to a friend who confronted him after the pictures were tweeted yesterday, says he started regretting it the “morning after”.

He claimed the camera made the pictures darker, and added: “I see it’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. I do not know what I was thinking at the time. I was being an idiot not to stand aside and think about what this could do.”

The pictures were taken on a disposable camera, developed, and then shared on social media. One of the boys involved used the picture as his Facebook cover photo.

A black student on the same course as one of the boys told The Tab: “I live in a predominantly white area now, so moving to uni it was amazing how diverse it was. Like my whole flat was of colour, something I’ve never experienced before and I was so happy about it.

“So having someone make these racist posts etc knowing how diverse DMU is, is beyond me. Especially my course has a lot of black people too.”
Students at De Montfort have been demanding action. One emailed the uni to say: “It does not sit well with me that in the new year he will be in the same practicals as me as I do not stand with people who are racist.”

On Twitter, DMU said: “We have already passed this on to our investigations team, who are looking at it as a matter of urgency. There is absolutely no space for racism at DMU and it will not be tolerated.”

A DMU spokesperson told The Tab: “Discrimination, harassment and bullying of any kind are not, and will not be, tolerated at DMU. Our investigations into this matter are being carried out in line with our robust policies in this area and in consultation with our students’ union. While we understand the interest in the matter, we must now allow the time and space for the investigation to take place.”

De Montfort rowing club told The Tab: “We’re very concerned to see these images, there is no place for racism in our club. We’re reassured that a thorough investigation is under way and we now need to await its findings before we say anything else. We are taking this extremely seriously.”

The Tab has contacted a number of the boys pictured and will update this story with any response.