These 32 memes of Jo from Little Women saying ‘I can’t’ are painfully relatable

I can’t, I can’t, I’ve tried and I can’t

Little Women was a cinematic masterpiece, don’t fight me on that, I will win. And it produced a lot of great moments, but not a lot of memes. Until now.

Remember the proposal scene when Laurie, aka gorgeous Timothée Chalamet, asked Jo to be his wife and she turns him down straight away? Well it’s been turned into a very relatable meme.

In the scene Jo says over and over again “I can’t” in response to his question and one Twitter user has shared the video.

In case you’re going to be lazy and not watch those five seconds Jo says “I can’t, I can’t, I’ve tried it and I failed”. And loads of people are applying it to a lot of situations, like getting out of bed, using dating apps or attempting to got the gym before work. Never going to happen btw.

Some Twitter users are applying it to songs and the results are hilarious.

These are the funniest Little Women “I can’t” memes:


2. There is a chair there for a reason

3. I literally can’t

4. Have you seen the boys on Tinder?

5. Sorry, but that does not work in my universe

6. Or the motion in the ocean, the sun in the sky

7. It’s too difficult mum

8. I will do no such thing

9. Sorry what?

10. It’s literally impossible

11. No one wants to see your Eiffel Tower pics

12. Need to stop adding things to my ASOS basket

13. It’s just sooo hard

14. Oh, English A-Level flashback

15. What would be the point anyway

16. It’s the best Pixar movie, don’t fight me on this


18. There was space for both of them

19. If you don’t know this song, what the hell?

20. Why would I do that?

21. It’s honestly impossible to do it well

22. I have zero self control

23. Lol

24. I don’t think that’s going to work with my schedule

25. Just a few more TikToks

26. I’m just so enthusiastic!

27. God, what a tune

28. Must be orange all year round

29. Really hate myself sometimes

30. Just no

31. Why am I always awake this early?

32. And another variation for the lols

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