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The YouTuber who snogged his sister in a ‘prank’ has now kissed his MUM


YouTuber Chris Monroe, known as PrankInvasion, established he was a weirdo when he did a "prank" video of him snogging his actual sister. But now he's back, and if you thought he was weird before, there's a new video where the YouTuber kisses his mum.

Yep, you read that right. PrankInvasion is back, and this time he's kissing his mum for a prank!!! I think someone needs to sit down with this guy and tell him that these 'pranks' aren't funny – they're just fucking weird.

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When Chris Monroe thought it would be funny to snog his sister on his PrankInvasion channel

The new video of Chris Monroe kissing his mum begins with screenshots of the media coverage after the snogging his sister video went viral. The first video has seven and a half million views on his YouTube channel, PrankInvasion.

He says: "This video we're going to top my kissing my sister prank video – I'm going to kiss my mom. I feel so weird to say that."

Chris hun, that's because it is weird. Actually, it's beyond weird.

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Chris Monroe kissing his actual mum. YouTube PrankInvasion

It was probably at this point he should have realised he's going too far again and stopped filming, but alas, the video goes on. He then says his mum has an emergency this week (another reason to maybe not film it???) so filming of the video has been brought forward, and he'll be filming on his phone.

He says the video is "even more nerve wracking than his sister" and then he asks his mum's permission (she approves!!!!) to do the same thing with him. Which again, is just so weird to watch.

"I finally convinced my mom to come up here and play a quick game for a kiss, this is even weirder than kissing Kaitlyn [his sister]", he says. He then moves the dog, kisses his mum and asks her what it feels like. VOM.

Watch the video where the YouTuber kisses his mum here:

The comments on the video include: "Somebody save the dog. I think he's next" and "Nobody: Not a single soul: Chris: alright guys you guys asked for this prank…I'M GOING TO KISS MY MOM".

Honestly, someone tell Chris Monroe he's gone too far and needs to stop.

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