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Thousands of you voted, so we can finally reveal Britain’s worst YouTuber

Wow, what a shock!!!

We asked you to vote for the most insufferable British YouTuber and thousands of you took part.

And unsurprisingly the clear winner is Zoella with 36.34 per cent of the total vote!1!! Clearly scandal after scandal after scandal has weakened the Queen of YouTube’s grip on all her child fans!

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Sam Pepper has lost out to Zoella with 25.53 per cent of the vote. Isn't it lovely that we live in a world where an accused rapist is less hated than Zoella??

Third place goes to Alfie Deyes, Zoella's counterpart. The "not a Tory" YouTuber got 18.9 per cent of the vote.

KSI and Joe Weller follow in fourth and fifth place. Hardly surprising as they're both almost equally as annoying!

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Britain's best YouTuber was Jack Harries, with only two people voting for him as the worst.

See the results in full:

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