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Newcastle’s Greg Williams is officially the UK’s saddest ‘sad boy’

He is now the proud owner of the keys to the sad boy kingdom

If you're not a sad boy, you definitely live with one or know one. Living off Dr Oetker's pizza and incrementally playing a bit more Fifa every day instead of cracking on with writing their dissertation.

In life there are winners and losers, and sad boys fill the grey area somewhere in between. Despite this, there is one sad boy who is a winner of sorts, and that's the saddest sad boy of them all.

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A sad boy in one of his natural habitats – the park

We asked you to nominate sad boy and you sent in hundreds. We showed you the best of the bunch and thousands of you voted.

Now it's time to officially crown the winner.

Greg Williams, a Newcastle fresher, is the UK's saddest sad boy. He received 25 per cent of the vote, beating Leicester Uni's Connor Walford by just 167 votes.

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The Mechanical Engineering student is known for his laid back lifestyle, waking up around 1pm everyday, as he stares around the abyss that is his bedroom, furnished with a scattering of fairy lights and a ‘how to roll weed’ poster.

His day-to-day routine consists of playing an excessive amount of Fortnite and eating Nutella wraps. Delicious.

We reached out to Greg to ask him how he felt about his achievement, he replied at the very sad boy time of quarter past midnight, saying: "Sorry about the late reply boss, I have an exam tomorrow and it ain't gonna cram itself."

Greg told The Tab: "I'm made up with it, can finally tell my mum and dad I got a first without lying for a change. Might have to have two Koppabergs tonight to celebrate."

When asked about whether this is a massive wake-up call and he will change his sad boy ways, Greg said: "No plans at the minute but we'll have to see. Might have to swerve off the Nutella for Tescos own brand, the £14 monthly budget won't stretch that far at the minute."

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