Hillary Clinton is a nasty lil bitch and we love her for it

For once, we agree with Donald Trump on something

You’d think that British Prime Minister Theresa May being branded a “difficult woman” we’d get over making schoolyard comments on female politicians based on how “nice” they are. But then, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

Last night the Republican candidate, in what can only be described as a desperate attempt to claw back something on his fast-sinking campaign, ended the final debate by calling Hillary Clinton “a nasty woman”.

At this point in the election it’s hard to be surprised by literally anything Trump does, and after the truly horrible, misogynistic comments he’s made on women lately, calling Hillary “nasty” – sorry, interrupting Hillary again to call her nasty – doesn’t seem particularly groundbreaking. But if nothing else it just made people side more with Hillary.

Every woman who’s ever been called nasty, who’s ever been called a bitch, who’s ever been called difficult, suddenly identified hard with Hillary, whether they agree with her politics or not. Trump might have lied through his teeth about “no one having more respect for women” than him, but last night he showed that nobody understands them less either.

Because like the woman in the white suit, we’ve all been nasty lil bitches at one point or another in our lives, and most of us are absolutely fine with that.

With “such a nasty woman”, Trump did nothing more than cement his fate in four words.