‘Leaving Cambridge initially didn’t feel real’: Graduates of 2020 on their last term

Swapping a graduation hood for a lockdown beard, and May Balls for socially-distanced BBQs

‘It will be a full stop for us’: Eastern European students on the loss of home fee status

Eastern European students predict that the loss of EU home fee status means the end for Cambridge applications from the region

Meet the only black female student in the entire Cambridge music faculty

Her diss is called ‘Amanda Aldridge: The Black Woman That Music Forgot’

Student re-launches crowdfund to raise over £60,000 to study law at Cambridge

The son of Rwandan genocide refugees has currently raised £24,000 of his target £66,000

Interview: Cambridge Head of Widening Participation discusses the challenges access work now faces

‘I think that one of the challenges will be continuing our collaboration with schools’

‘At least we get a few more lie ins’: Cambridge offer holders react to the prospect of online lectures

‘How well can you get to know someone via a Zoom call?’

Interview: Cambridge’s Senior Pro-VC on online lectures, fresher deferrals, the news leak and fees

The Tab’s interview with Cambridge’s Senior-Pro-Vice-Chancellor in full

We spoke to language students about the proposal of a virtual year abroad

‘A virtual year abroad is an oxymoron. It doesn’t exist’

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Scandals, betrayals and Cambridge life: An interview with Caroline Calloway

She’s either your chaotic fave or a trainwreck you follow out of morbid curiosity. Either way, you’re obsessed

Sheck Wes on growing up in Harlem, Kanye’s wise words and love for the UK scene

Before his interview at the Union, The Tab Cambridge spoke to Sheck Wes about how being ‘sent back to Senegal’ by his mother changed him for the better

‘Did he stop me because I was black?’: Speaking out against everyday racism in Cambridge

‘How can I be a better ally to you?’

INTERVIEW: Journalist Hugo Rifkind talks ‘absurd’ trigger warnings, antisemitism, and no-platforming

‘I offend people all the time, and I do get a lot of hate. Sometimes you deserve it’

Full of fluff and soundbites: Interview with Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice at the Union

I wanted more meat

The Tab talks to Bonnie Wright

Being Ginny Weasley, sustainability and feature films on the horizon

The Tab meets Emma Thompson

Emma opened up about shagging in the Newnham toilets, ‘wanky’ theatricals and motorbikes

The Tab talks to Katie Hopkins, who actually means everything she says

‘The bar for libel is lower than my labia’