Eleri Boyesen

Oh my dog! Napier students to face canine interrogation for place on Vet-Med

Students hoping to study Vetinary Medicine at Napier to be interviewed by dogs

Edinburgh row to victory

Edinburgh beat Glasgow in their annual head to head competition

Student calling campaign raises over £135,000

Student callers help raise thousands for The University of Edinburgh.

The beauty of street art

New Street is home to one of Edinburgh’s first legal street art walls, The Tab went along to check it out.

Panda Watch: The Pandas are at it again!

Edinburgh Zoo hope it’ll be third time lucky for the pandas.

Cougar Duchess could be next Queen of Scots

Spanish Duchess of Alba could be crowned Queen of Scotland.

Living below the line one day at a time

4th year student, Maria Williamson, is living on £1 a day.

ValenTinder: The alternative Valentine’s date

The Edinburgh Apprentice brings you ValenTinder.

Ding ding! Lords of the Ring

They went into the ring as beginners and came out champions.

Searchthesales.com – Snap Them up!

New fashion discount site searchthesales.com comes to Edinburgh.

Two Men (and a Girl) in a Boat

Our favourite column girl is back and this time she’s taking on Tinder.

Scots Word of the week

The Tab brings you the A-Z of Scots words. D’ye spaek Scots?

Edinburgh Honoured

The New Year’s Honours List is out and Edinburgh hasn’t done too badly.

The Super Rats have landed

‘Mutant Super Rats’ have invaded Edinburgh.

It’s official: EUSA declares it is a feminist

Welcome to the only officially feminist university in the country

“Talk dirty to me”

It’s World Toilet Day everyone, so do some dirty talking.

The Tab’s Guide to Christmas Markets

The Tab’s guide to buying Christmas prezzies. At markets…So retro!

Blacked up students called to order

Law Soc students who ‘blacked up’ as Somalian pirates are called to reveal themselves.

The Birds

Review of Classics play The Birds. Expect feathers and innuendoes galore.

Freshair Awarded Bronze

FreshAir radio station take third place at the The Student Radio Awards.