This is how much sleep your profession gets

Experts recommend we get between seven and nine hours

Working on eight hours sleep is a different equation to working a whole day on six.

This month, The Tab launched its sleep survey and asked graduates and young professionals how many hours they’re getting. Bankers are famed for working the longest hours: our poll suggests they get the least sleep too. 14 per cent of those working in banking average fewer than six hours a night.

The trend continued into finance, proving it’s a high pressure field. Those who work in sales were similarly sleep deprived, as two per cent got just four hours a night and a further three per cent slept for less than four hours. Slightly better off were marketing, where 14 per cent averaged on five hours.

But lack of sleep wasn’t just limited to sales and banking. Nine per cent of PRs sleep for five hours a night, with a significant portion also getting less than four hours. Perhaps it’s something to do with chasing people who work in the media, who appear to get far more rest.

Despite working irregular shifts, those in the healthcare profession were most likely to get the optimum eight hours – which suggests they’re following their own advice. Similarly teachers might be overworked, but it doesn’t seem to affect their sleeping patterns too much. Overall healthcare workers and teachers get the most sleep.

Engineers proved to be efficient, with the majority getting six or seven hours sleep a night. Meanwhile lawyers were more likely to rest for nine hours, suggesting they take their bedtime seriously.

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