Game of Thrones is coming and there’s a brand new trailer

‘Make no mistake…the dead are coming’

In less than two weeks, Game of Thrones will finally have returned and we’ll be one step closer to answering one vital question: is Jon Snow really dead?

Ahead of the red-carpet premiere of the first episode in America last night, HBO has released a new trailer full of new footage from the upcoming season six.

If this two-minute clip is anything to go by, season six is going to be the show’s biggest and possibly darkest yet. Davos, Tyrion, Jamie, Arya, Daenerys, Jorah, Loras, Margaery, Tommen, Brienne and even Pod all seem to be in various states of peril, while hopefully¬†Ramsay Bolton and the Freys are due to get what’s coming to them.

Season six will be the first season of the show to advance the story beyond George R.R. Martin’s series of books, though there have been indications the show-runners are circling back to tell some of the storylines which looked like they’d been cut for good.

The first episode of season six is on HBO in America on April 24 at 9pm (East Coast time). It will be shown on Sky Atlantic in the UK simultaneously (2am Monday morning) and repeated later that evening.