There’s a petition to stop David Cameron from coming back from his holiday

Bit harsh

A David Cameron holiday is a bit like a holiday for us all. It invariably delivers a few laughs and several pictures you’ll cherish for life.

There was the time he left his daughter in a pub. There was the time that he was spotted pointing at some fish in a market. There was the time he got stung by a jellyfish. There was the time he got his dadbod out in Cornwall. There are all the coffees with his wife, where the pair does a really good job of looking like the two teachers who were rota-ed on to take your class on its French trip to Paris: rictus grins fixed, gripping those coffees a little too tightly.

And currently, he’s in Lanzarote. There is a picture of him looking suitably awkward while enjoying a beer. We’ve all had our fun.

Though of course, there are always some people who ruin it for the rest of us. There’s now a campaign petitioning to prevent David Cameron from returning to the country. It’s currently got almost 23,000 supporters out of its projected aim of 25,000.

Almost 23,000 people have taken at least a minute to sign that petition. A few of them have also left comments.

They’re angry

The petition would be delivered to home secretary Theresa May. She probably wouldn’t bring it up with her boss, David Cameron.


Obviously it’s pretty funny. Though I doubt that the way to preclude danger to the medium and long term interests of the country is to ban its elected representatives from re-entering the country. But I have never successfully launched a facetious online petition, so what do I know?