Super Hans from Peep Show is DJ-ing at festivals this summer

Men with ven

There ain’t no party like a Super Hans party. At least that’s what Jeremy said.

Peep Show’s friendly crack addict has announced he’s going to be DJ-ing this summer. Matt King, who plays Super Hans, announced he’ll be bringing “banging choonz and jokes” to festivals, small pubs and even Ibiza. It looks like he’ll be doing the whole thing in character.

Anyone who’s seen Peep Show will know this isn’t Super Hans’ first time at the rodeo. There was Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homonculus (uniform: zoot suits), The Executioner’s Bong, and Man Feelings. The list goes on because Hans and Jez kept changing the name of the band.

So far we don’t know exactly which festivals Super Hans will be DJ-ing at. He told us to expect more details in the next 48 hours, but he may have given away a clue by retweeting someone asking if he’d be at Glastonbury.

Expect big things from the guy whose house parties get so dark he has to write them off.