Don’t use the Brussels attacks as an excuse to talk about Brexit

…And someone did

This morning Brussels was rocked by explosions at an airport and a metro station, with multiple causalities reported at both locations.

Belgian media reported that as many as 13 people were killed at the airport, with 35 injured, and 10 killed at the metro station. These tolls have yet to be confirmed by police.

It is certainly not the perfect time to talk about Brexit and the EU debate.

Though Allison Pearson persevered. The columnist and chief interviewer at the Daily Telegraph saw this morning’s attacks as an opportunity for political point scoring.

She received support from Nigel Farage.


When Brits say thing like that it makes it easier to understand why Europeans find it hard to take us seriously sometimes. 

Allison hasn’t tweeted since she dropped her Brexit bombshell, but you do wonder what form her apology is going to take, given the scale of the outrage she’s managed to generate.

Farage aside, many people were seriously unimpressed with the tweet:

Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion, but in situations like this timing takes on even more importance than it usually does.