This is what Germans think of Brexit

They’re really unimpressed

Brexit: a compound word so ugly it comes as a surprise that a German didn’t come up with it.

We’ve heard a lot about Brexit and we’ll be hearing more and more about it in the months to come. The people arguing about Brexit, the people torturing themselves over Brexit will have a common factor: they’ll be British.

But what do Germans think about it? Here’s Germany’s answer to Jon Stewart, Oliver Welke, on The ZDF Heute Show, talking about Brexit:

They’re not very impressed with us are they?

Brexit sounds like a cat food from Lidl and Cameron’s deal existed mainly to ensure that child support remained in the hands of red haired people, rather than EU migrants.

We might see the Germans as efficient, humourless car manufacturers but they see us half-man, half-porridge, subsisting on rotten fish wrapped in old newspapers.

It’s hard to tell which is worse really.