Chris Smalling has the exact same voice as Moss from The IT Crowd

‘Did you see that ludicrous display last night?’

One is a stalwart of Manchester United’s defence, tipped to be a future England captain, a centre half who possesses strength, pace and intelligence in abundance.

The other is a worker in the IT Department of Reynholm Industries whose only knowledge of football swirls around the repetition of the phrase, “they always try and walk it in.” Also: he’s a fictional character who doesn’t actually exist.

But they have one major thing in common is their voice. Chris Smalling and Moss from the IT Crowd have exactly the same voice.

This is Smalling:

And here’s Moss:

Does Smalling realise? Do his teammates realise? Does Richard Ayoade? They need to know. They must know.

Someone should tell them.