Over half of graduates have suffered from a mental illness

A third of those we polled had been affected by depression

Last week, The Tab asked 1,105 graduates to tell us how they had been affected by mental illness.

Respondents named illnesses including body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

55 per cent had been affected by a mental illness. Of this group, depression was the most common: 33 per cent of people said they had experienced it at some point. This was followed by anxiety, at 30 per cent. Seven per cent said they had suffered from a nervous breakdown.

There was also a high incidence of eating disorders. Binge eating was the most common disorder (5 per cent), followed by anorexia (four per cent).

[infogram id=”the_mental_illnesses_most_suffered_by_graduates”]

Last week we revealed the professions which were the most affected by mental illness. 66 per cent of those who work in events said they had suffered from a mental health issue at some point. 35 per cent of those people said that they had suffered from depression.

The results should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they show some interesting and convincing trends. We’ll have more results later in the week.