Mental health by profession: Results

66 per cent of those in the events industry have suffered

There is an increasing awareness of mental health problems.

However, they are still rarely discussed openly in the workplace. Employees who need to take time off prefer to pretend that they are suffering from physical illnesses instead: there is a stigma.

We asked 1,105 graduates and young professionals to determine which industries have the highest numbers of people affected by mental illnesses. Respondents named illnesses including body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

The events industry had the most sufferers: 66 per cent of those who work in events stated that they had suffered from a mental health issue at some point. 35 per cent of those people said that they had suffered from depression.

In two industries – administration work and design – 61 per cent of people said that they had been affected by mental illness. Nine per cent of people who work in admin cited binge eating and seven per cent cited OCD. Recruitment registered the fewest employees affected.

[infogram id=”mental_illness_by_profession”]

We’ll have more results from our survey later in the week.