Sharing your Netflix password is a true sign you’re in an adult relationship

Or at least a way to check if they’ve watched Making a Murderer without you

Netflix passwords are usually reserved for extremely close family. Sometimes, Mum’s on the account when you really want to watch Gossip Girl and you have to send a wheedling message to the family WhatsApp.

It turns out sharing a Netflix password with your significant other is a sign you’re in a genuine adult relationship. According to psychotherapists it’s not your email password or banking details which give it away – but the key to your Netflix. It’s a real dating milestone when you’re comfortable to admit you caught onto Breaking Bad late and binge watched it all in a week.

“Although at first glance it may not appear to be intimate, it is,” psychotherapist Barbara Neitlich told MIC. “Sharing your password to your Netflix account is like sharing a part of yourself: your likes, your dislikes, your recent viewing history. All of this allows your partner to get to know you better and feel closer to you.”

She added: “Once, where you would share a key to your home, you now share your password to your Netflix account.”

More likely it’s a way for you to check if your boyfriend or girlfriend watched an episode of Making a Murderer without you. That’s betrayal.


Sharing an account in convenient, and even romantic according to psychotherapists – but what happens when you break up? More often than not it’ll involve watching the same romcoms (because it’ll put them at the top of your list) and going through the motions together.

And then there’s that awkward moment when you have to ask your ex to get off the account.