One in ten adults in relationships don’t consider a one-night stand cheating

Eight per cent think it doesn’t count abroad

About last night – it’s no big deal. One in ten Britons don’t consider one night stands cheating, new research finds.

Dating website asked 2,182 UK-based adults between 18-40 years old, all of whom were in a “committed relationship”.

The research also found that a third of adults don’t count using dating apps as cheating, while over 50 per cent of people would flirt or “dirty dance” without considering it unfaithful.

Nine per cent of people said sleeping with someone else while drunk wasn’t cheating – while eight per cent considered sex with another person while abroad to be fair game. And one fifth of people didn’t count sex with a member of the same sex as cheating.

When asked what did constitute unfaithfulness, two thirds of people condemned visiting strip clubs – while almost half of people counted watching porn.

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