Tinder is trialling a new feature for matchmaking mates

You can now share links to profiles with other users

Tinder is a merry-go-round of totty. However, the heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes that isn’t what’s on offer.

On the other hand, it’s likely many have seen someone on Tinder who is a mate’s type, instead. Now, Tinder is trialling a feature that permits users to share profiles of those who might be better off with someone else.


It’s the download button on the right hand side

It’s a new button, and profiles can be shared via WhatsApp, text or any other messenger. The recipient of the ‘gift’ – who must also be a Tinder user – can swipe right or left as normal.

To minimise privacy risks, the link will disappear after 72 hours or five clicks – whichever comes first. But those who wish to opt out of their profile being shared, turn the feature off in your “discovery” settings.

It also minimises the likelihood “completing” Tinder and giving up on the pursuit of happiness altogether.