Everyone needs to visit Brazil, now

Have you ever been whale watching from the top of the cliff?

As you lower yourself into the cool waters of the Rio Prata in Bonito you are careful not to touch the river bed. A fine white powder sits at the bottom of the slow moving river – the mineral rich soil calcifies impurities in the water as it springs from the ground. Why is this important? Well because the water is so clean it offers up to 100m visibility. And it is teeming with life. One metre long dorado, schools of smaller fish all the colours of the rainbow, capybaras, caiman and, if you’re lucky, maybe an anaconda. If you touch the river bed, or even disturb the current by swimming, a murky cloud could kick up and impede your view.

So you just float down the river, eyes nearly popping out of your snorkelling mask. And Brazil gets better.



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Or you could ride a horse across the Pantanal

Brazil is famous for its Amazon rainforest. Full of wildlife and lovely tropical diseases. The Pantanal has all the same wildlife and diseases, but fewer trees. So it’s easier to see the jaguars and monkeys. The world’s largest tropical wetland floods and dries up seasonally – depending on the time of year you could be traversing down the same area on foot, a horse or a boat.


You could ride a horse down here in the dry season


Watch humpback whales migrate past the cliffs of Arraial do Cabo

Visiting Brazil in the winter means the country won’t be at its warmest, but you can watch pods of humpback whales migrate along Brazil from Arraial do Cabo’s cliff tops. 10 or more males pursue a female all the way along the coast, breaching and slapping the surface of the water with their pectoral fins.

This is where you watch the whales from

This is where you watch the whales from


They swim underneath the sunset

Lose your mind in Rio

If wildlife isn’t your thing there are a veritable fuck ton of things to do in the rest of Brazil’s mighty landscape. Rio is the obvious destination. Samba bars can keep you busy until the sun comes up. Watch it come down from Corcovado or Cristo Redentor. Paraglide over the city or lie on one of its many beaches.

And if that doesn’t float your boat, then the world’s biggest party should. One word. Carnival.

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Chill in Paraty’s waterfalls

Go for a swim the water’s cool.

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Find out what paradise looks like on Ilha Grande

Or any other beach across the whole country. There’s something quite hypnotising about lying on white sand touching blue sea, backed by emerald forest.

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And appreciate it in comparison to the never ending urban sprawl of São Paolo

The concrete runs beyond the horizon.

Where the green at

Where the green at

The shopping is pretty good too

The shopping is pretty good though

The buildings are really, really big

The buildings are really, really big

Before remembering how small you are compared with nature’s raw power at Iguacu Falls

When Eleanor Roosevelt saw the falls for the first time she reportedly exclaimed “poor Niagra!”

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